Sunday, April 6, 2008

Creating an Organized Scrap Room (or space!)

Does your scrap area look like this:

And you really aspire to have it look like this:

Well, don't we all? Some of us don't even have a dedicated room for our favorite hobby, but don't worry! Over the next few weeks, we are going to work on organizing our space - whether you are a dining room table scrapper or have a dedicated space - the most important thing we can do is know where our 'stuff' is to make our scrap time productive.
Organization is something that does not come easy to me. I constantly struggle, both at work and at home, to organize my stuff. However, I did take one day off from work and spent the entire day on organizing my stash, and it felt great! I am constantly making improvements to my organizing and re-thinking how I have things laid out, but to know that all my papers are organized a certain way, and my stickers are in 1 place, and I can find my flowers in one jar and buttons in another, is a huge improvement for me.
Stay tuned as each week we will tear something apart and reshape it to work for you! It's spring time and time to start cleaning!
BTW, neither of these photos are my space. I'll post my space as we go along!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Crop!

Mom was the word of the day at the March Crop! Laurie Ann Boyer taught everyone how to make word books using cardstock letters cut from a Cricut machine! Some chose 'Mom', some chose 'Mommy' & some chose 'Mother'. Almost everyone completed their books, and we will finish them off next month with photos, and we will add cards in April. Stay tuned for a future post on instructions on how you can make one of these books as well.

Pam Cummings was the overachiever of the day by almost completing 2 'Mom' word books! Way to go, Pam!

We also had a 'Guess How Many' contest with a jar of Skittles. After figuring out how many Laurie Ann had eaten out of the jar (oops!), the winner was Angel with the closest guess!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Mark your calendars for the last Sat. in April & join us for some quality scrapping time!

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