Personal Scrapping

I have a variety of services available to help you create meaningful memories.

Services Available

  1. Custom Scrapbooks contain photos, journaling and memorabilia
  2. Photo Organization – let me assist you with sorting through your photos to properly organize them.
  3. Gift Items – I create a variety of unique paper craft gifts, including picture frames, books,
  4. Handcrafted Cards – why purchase generic cards from the store when you can buy a unique card created by hand?  Cards for all occasions are available.
  5. Premade Scrapbook Pages – I design a variety of premade scrapbook pages - drop your photos in & your done – for whatever the occasion calls for.


Who needs a scrapbook?

Scrapbooks work best for people who have collected both photos and memorabilia and want a really creative way to show them off. A scrapbook combines the display abilities of a photo album with the story telling ability of a memory album in one creative and original work of art.

What goes in a scrapbook?

Because a scrapbook combines photo preservation with story telling, it contains a combination of photos and memorabilia. Instead of having a simple format like the photo or memory album, it showcases creative techniques and embellishments that add excitement, emotion, and individuality to the layouts. It’s all about color, shape, movement, and design.

What will my scrapbook cost?

The cost of a scrapbook is based on three things. (1) The size of the scrapbook ; (2) The amount of detail, embellishment, and extra materials used; and (3) The number of layouts to be

 What Else Can My Own Scrapbook Do For Me?

If you carry a portfolio of your work, we can help you jazz it up. From interior decorators to wedding planners, or anything in between, we can work with you to create a one of a kind portfolio that will really stand out to your potential clients.

Do you want greeting cards or note cards that are more creative and personal than your typical store-bought variety? Let us design and make something specifically for you.


12 x 12

20 pages at $25/page = $500.00
Each additional page is $20.00
This size album will include 80-100 photos, plus journaling blocks on each page.

8.5 x 11

20 pages at $20/page = $400.00
Each additional page is $16.00
This size album will include 50-75 photos, plus journaling blocks on each page.

8 x 8

20 pages at $15/page = $300.00
Each additional page is $10.00
This size album will include 20-40 photos, plus journaling blocks on each page.

Memory Albums

Who needs a memory album?

Memory albums work best for people who have boxes full of memorabilia and no idea what to do with it. If you want a fun way to display all the mementos you have kept over the years or a great way to tell your story, a memory album is for you.

What goes in a memory album?

Whether you go on vacation, or attend a wedding, what little mementos do you keep to remember the special moments? Are you a collector of ticket stubs? What about napkins or menus from your favorite restaurants? Maybe you keep all of the love letters that you receive. Whatever it is, we can help you put it into an album. The layout follows the simple style of a photo album.

What will my memory album cost?

The cost of a memory album is based on three things. (1) The type of memorabilia to be included in the album; (2) The type of preservation or the duplication process desired for the items; and (3) The number of items to be included in the album. The first hour of time is free, and this includes a consultation to review your memorabilia, determine how best to fit your needs, and give you an estimate of the project cost.

I will work with you on your albums in terms of time and payment.  Please don't let your photos sit in a box, on your phone or other device.  Let's write it down and share with generations to come!

Helping You Create Meaningful Memories