Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Primal Workout

So I recently discovered a blog called, Mark's Daily Apple.  It's a blog about primal eating & a primal way of life.  It peaked my interest because I know the way we, as Americans, eat is not right.  Primal eating is eliminating anything our caveman ancestors didn't eat - no sugar, wheat, processed foods.  Basically, it's fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, water.  Many people also follow a Paleo diet, which is essentially the same thing.

But I digress.

In his blog, he has something called the Primal Workout.  As a former athlete, Mark feels we are destroying our bodies by these hard core, all out workouts several times a week.  He feels that we should have 1 set of sprints per week and then easier workouts of bike riding, walking, etc.  He also feels that 2 days per week you should do some lifting, but he eases you into it & only focuses on major muscle groups.  After all, our caveman ancestors didn't spend hours in the gym, and neither should you.

I've been tracking my workouts in Evernote, and today was a 'lifting' day.  Since I'm following his Primal Fitness book, I'm not into the weights yet, but I like the exercises because it's a quick workout and very effective.  Today my workout consisted of knee pushups, lat pulldowns (I don't have a way of performing chin ups yet so I do the opposite), squats and plank - straight and side.  I do 2 sets & am done in about 20 minutes.  My arms are shaky right now, so I know I pushed myself.

Good job, Jan!

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