Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Crop!

RWC had another great crop on Sat. June 28th! We had 9 adults & 2 more of the smaller variety. Angel has been scrapping for awhile and Becky and her Mom joined us for the first time this month.

Techniques at 2 is a new segment in the monthly crop. I will teach 2 techniques to assist you with your scrapping. This month we learned how to make a scalloped border using a circle punch (punch available for order - $11.50) and how to tie a bow onto your pages with ribbon.

Three o'clock is our learning session and I showed everyone how to add texture to your pages using tulle! Tulle is available at local fabric stores & it's CHEAP! Everyone was invited to take some home - blue, green, black, off-white & pink were available, and Pam P. (a first time scrapper) made photo corners out of her green tulle - great job, Pam!

As always, a few regulars brought a friend which earns them a gift and 3 of our croppers completed 5 pages - more gifts! How many pages will you create next month?

Stay tuned for Christmas in July!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Organizing your scraproom

Back in April, I posted a very messy, unorganized scraproom. Well, let's get ourselves organized (me included!)

It is very easy to become unorganized when working on a project. You start off looking through your pictures for the LO you are working on. Then you start pulling out all your patterned paper and cardstock, looking for that 'perfect' match. Oh yeah, starting weeding through your piles or boxes of embellishments, and maybe dig out the Cricut machine so you can get a title ready. Head over to the computer for the journaling block too. Whip out your LO, fall in love with it and then look around your area - YIKES! What a mess & who caused all that? Could it be me? I did this? Surely it was the kids playing when you weren't looking!

Nope, this happens more often than not! So, what can we do about it & where do we start?
First, where do you scrap? Are you a dining room table scrapper, your spare bedroom/office/room of 'stuff' scrapper or are you the very rare that has your own scrapbooking room? I'm guessing most of us are in the first 2 categories & that is where the focus of this article series is headed.

Once your space is figured out, you need to organize your supplies. Even though I am a business owner and sell supplies, I am also a frugal minded person and like to use my resources to organize my 'stuff'. Don't feel like you have to visit Ikea all the time to spend lots of money on storage supplies! The list:

  • Do you have an extra dresser where you can store some paper in one drawer & your embellies in another? Another drawer can be used for tools!
  • How about one of those rolling bins that you can roll under the dresser or bed?
  • What about a verticle holder that you hang in your closet?
  • Any extra space in a closet? Can you install some wire racks on the back of a door in one of your bedrooms? I did that for extra space for my cooking supplies in our townhouse!
  • Any space on the walls for bookshelves? Organize your supplies on them!
  • A baker's rack - these were very popular in the home & some are gathering dust as we speak. It's open concept is great for those of us that need to see everything we have!
  • Your entertainment center - maybe your spouse doesn't want to see everything you have so hide it behind those doors.

I'm going to leave you with these options for now & start organizing your stuff!

Wow - long time, no blog!

Hi everyone,

I've been a bad hostess - no blogging for over a month! I am very sorry but I'm back to share some info with you. But first, what do paint cans, adhesive runners and rub-ons all have in common?

Give up yet?

Items in my new store! Remember When Creations is building its inventory for its new on-line store and website. RWC is the leader in unique scrapbooking supplies on the Treasure Coast, and we are coming live to you! Launch date is scheduled for July 15th, so bookmark and stay tuned for the website.

I'm actually having a lot of fun planning and designing the site. It's not as easy as one might think it is. Every word counts and needs to make sense. I guess that's another blog for another time!

Remember, bookmark and stay tuned for my new site!

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