Sunday, August 3, 2008

What ONE Scrapbook Tool can't you scrap without?

What is your favorite tool? What can't you live without? If you were stuck on a deserted island with some scrapbooking tools, which is the most essential for you to have?

For me, my first choice is Glue Dots! I love Glue Dots! They are the most essential tool - without them, nothing would stick - from paper to chipboard to ribbon - it's all about the Glue Dots!

Buy them now - under the Adhesives section to purchase yours today! Okay, scrappers - tell me what your most essential tool is! One lucky winner will win a prize on 8/15!


ljhall said...

my favorite tool is my scotch ATG 700.
love it and the glue dots can't be with out them all sizes,
thanks for asking.
peace out
lisa hall

jules said...

Okay...each year, my daughters have stood next to dad to have their first day photo taken. The same "position" each year. And at the same location in our house. This year was funny, because my hubby did not have to go to work that day-but I still made him dress up like he was heading to work. (he is a postman) Looking at all the past years-it shows how fast my kiddos have grown! :)

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