Saturday, December 6, 2008

Goodies from a Thrift Store

As I change my business over from selling 'stuff', a.k.a. supplies to creating meaningful memory pieces, I am also embracing using recycled or gently used items in my creations. I think one way to not only save money while supporting my business (or habit) but to also save our planet is to thrift store shop, as I have mentioned in previous posts.
I visit the Hospice thrift store quite regularly as I have found some really great treasures in there before. The other day I stumbled upon packages of these little goodies:

I found an unopened package of these royal blue, puffy, material hearts and 2 packages of these acrylic stars, for the whopping price of 25 cents per bag! The original Wal-Mart stickers were on each of the packages and were priced .83 and .57 respectively.

As long as these items don't touch my photos, there is no reason why I can't use them on my layouts or other projects. Pretty cool, huh? What goodies have you found lately?

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