Monday, August 3, 2009

Great mini article on Going Green with Scrapbooking

I stumbled across this article and wanted to share it with everyone. I found it at and it's written by Denise Bertacchi. I thought it was super and I love the arms hugging the tree!

Go green with your scrapbooking

Mykl Roventine

It seems that "going green" is all the rage with other parts of our lives...but can you really go green with a paper intensive hobby like scrapbooking?

Sure you can.

Recycle. Not the big green can in your garage, but recycle the scraps of paper from other projects. Save all the used bits of paper left over from today's layout to use again tomorrow. Don't throw out any paper that's big enough to use as a photo mat or journaling box.

Reuse. Turn scraps and leftovers from other parts of your life into scrapbooking material. Why buy buttons when you can reuse REAL buttons from an old shirt? Use interesting art from junk mail and magazines in your scrapbooks. Just remember to use archival safe paper for your backgrounds and anything that touches photographs. Better yet, only use copies of photos, not the original, for cropping.

Reduce. Simplify your scrapbooking supplies to avoid waste. Pick a few favorite colors and stick to them. Use up all your old supplies before buying new. Use digital mats to highlight photos you print yourself.

More Info: Here's some tips on environmentally friendly scrapbooking from the tree experts at Abundant Forests.

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