Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Hardest Thing to Declutter

Sentimental Clutter. To me, this is the 'stuff' one has accumulated from people or places that holds a significant meaning and is hard to let go of. Take for instance, this bathrobe:

This bathrobe was given to me by my DH, on the first Christmas we celebrated together in 1992. When it was new, it was the whitest, softest robe I've ever worn. I loved it and wore it whether it was 60 degrees outside or 90. Over the years, he has bought a few other robes for me, and this one ended up just sitting on the hook, barely ever worn. It isn't the softest, whitest robe anymore but I felt bad throwing it out, so there it sat - taking up space.

As the decluttering continues, I had to come to reality that it was time for the robe to go bye-bye. After reading a few other articles about sentimental clutter, I decided I would immortalize the robe by taking a photo of it and journaling my thoughts. On a side note, I'm participating in Project 365, which is where you take a photo of something in your life each day & journal about it. So that's what I decided to do, and I actually felt a small sense of relief to throw the heavy robe into the trash. Let's face it - 20 years! I had a bathrobe for 20 years!

Time to let go.........

What sentimental items have you let go & did you find a way to keep the memory of them?

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