Friday, September 2, 2011

Yes! Decluttering Continues!

In my journey to declutter, I now have to step it up a notch. We've decided to move and I'm not going to move non-essential 'stuff'. Since I'm a runner, I buy running shoes every 4-6 months, so I go through a few pairs each year. I don't wear them for anything but running so when they don't suit my needs anymore, they are still in pretty good shape. I like to keep a pair for working outside or around the house. Low & behold I found 2 additional pairs under the bed, so I decided to donate. I also picked out a few items in my closet that can go as well. The black thing in the back is an evening gown that someone gave to me (it's a size 8 & I'm a 4) & I've never worn plus 2 shirts that aren't on my 'love' list.

What have you given away that you haven't 'loved'?

By the way, all my donations go to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast thrift store ( which is a wonderful organization in our community. I've adopted 2 of my cats from them & saved 2 others from ending up there.

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