Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I think I met my 5 a day goal tonight!

So Tues. is trash day and DH & I decided to tackle a portion of the attic last night. Here's a small list of what we got rid of:

  • Extra dining table & 2 chairs (I convinced him we need to save 2 chairs for when we have guests)
  • Silverware, extra mugs, shot glasses, some wine glasses, coffee pot, a stack of frying pans, chip clips from my Pampered Chef selling days, a ton of kitchen utensils, a Barnett Bank mesh beach bag (still looked brand new!), a bike rack for the back of a car and tons of miscellaneous stuff
  • Two 6' cloth palm trees that used to decorate our living room
  • 4 speakers and a subwofer
  • A 10' piece of PVC pipe (who knows why we had that?)
  • Old fishing tackle and a huge tackle bag
  • An old microwave
I'm sure there's more but DH was throwing things down the stairs fast and furious. At one point in life we thought we would buy or build a small log cabin in Georgia, but I'm not sure that will ever happen. Instead, I think when we retire, we can just rent something for a few months if we are still in love with that area & want to spend a summer up there.

A lot of stuff I'm donating and a lot went in the trash. I'm curious to see how much is still out in the trash pile this morning. I'm sure the neighborhood pickers went through it. Sorry I didn't post a picture, but I didn't have a chance to download any photos last night.

On a side note, DH was able to put one coat of paint on the strip in the bedroom that never got painted. The story there is we painted the bedroom thinking we would add crown molding, which never happened. So there was a 1" strip of unpainted area that needed to be finished. The first coat is on and now he has to finish the second. Thank God he's suddenly motivated to finish that project, but he still has a few more to go!

So, at least when our company is here later this week I won't feel guilty about not having the time to throw away 5 things. I think I met the goal for the rest of the week!

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