Monday, August 8, 2011

Phew! Dodged a bullet.....but another's is on its way!

Well, luckily in South FL we dodged Emily as she quickly went from potential hurricane to nothing then a depression and then bye bye! Now just to quickly drink up that second gallon of unopened milk before it expires......

.....but our next bullet is on its way - time to move! Yes, we have decided it's time after living in our 1100 square foot townhouse for 11 years. Yes, the mortgage will be paid off on December 27th, but we are just too cramped in here. If we didn't ride bikes, hunt and fish, we could stay here forever and ever, but we are active outdoors people with lots of 'stuff'. We hunt for ducks (lots of decoys for those trips), wild boar (need a bigger gun), deer and whatever else. We love to fish (different rods for different fishing - offshore vs. inshore), and we both ride road bikes and mountain bikes. We cram all these things into our tiny townhouse and rent a storage unit for overflow and my DH's business inventory.

Now it's time to return to my 5 a day purge. I have 4 bags of 'stuff' ready to go to the Humane Society Thrift Store today. There will be lots more as this adventure takes place. Stay tuned as I journal how the moving process proceeds.

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