Thursday, February 25, 2016

Business Owners - Show Gratitude & Send a Thank You Note

In this day and age where everybody is looking for the next shiny object to improve business, there is a simple solution available to every business owner and entrepreneur that can have an immediate and positive effect on your business! And get this, EVERYBODY reading this can implement and use this strategy in their business today!

It’s expressing your appreciation and gratitude to friends, customers, clients, and colleagues by sending handwritten thank you notes.

When was the last time that you wrote or received a handwritten thank you note?  Remember how it made you feel? This is the emotional connection you want to make with your prospects and customers!

Taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to send a handwritten thank you letter and sending it via the Postal Service seems to have become an anomaly in today’s world as our inboxes are constantly clogged with the next sale, promotion, or reminder.

Today, when 99% of people complain of too many emails, text messages, advertisements and intrusions, NOBODY is complaining about receiving too many personalized thank you notes or letters!

Showing that you are grateful can help attract new clients, customers, or associates. It can easily improve the relationships you have with existing clients, customers, or partners and reduce any negative or doubtful emotions people may have about you or your company.

I know business owners who use thank you cards as a primary marketing strategy and the results are phenomenal! Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and thought of?

Gratitude is an extremely powerful emotion you should be tapping into regularly and while there are many generic ways and services to send a thank you, I like the personal touch of a handwritten custom thank you card because it allows the reader to connect with you on an emotional level.
When should you send out a business thank you?
  • When you get a new client/customer
  • When an existing client/customer gives you a new project
  • When someone who makes a referral to your company
  • When a peer who gives you helpful advice
  • As a follow-up after a meeting or phone call
  • For a job well done by an employee, vendor, or associate
  • When someone shows you a kindness

Thank you letter and note tips:

  • Handwrite your message
  • Timing is important – make sure you send out your thank you as soon as possible
  • Begin with the two most important words: Thank you.
Sales and advertising will always have its place within online and offline business marketing, but using thank you notes as a relationship-based strategy is essential to long-term success for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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*I'd like to thank Mike Capuzzi, the author of this article, for his helpful insights!

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