Monday, October 27, 2008


What the heck is that percentage amount???? The amount one of my unused credit card companies is going to charge me!

Now, we all know to keep your FICO score high, you shouldn't close your unused credit cards to keep your history looking good. So, I have some unused cards that sit in a file folder somewhere in the lost history of files in my cabinet.

I receive a 'we're changing your account' notice the other day in the mail, and since I don't use these accounts, I usually toss them. However, I felt compelled to open it & yes, it said they will change my account interest rate to Prime + 5%, which is currently 26.99%, with a maximum of 29.99% interest per year.

I wish I had kept it & taken a picture! My jaw hit the ground. Number 1 - I don't use this card, and I can only hope it's sitting in a file, or I shredded it. Number 2 - if I did have a balance, I would go to the poor house.

I just thought that was ridiculous. Be sure to check out those rates on your cards - you never know what the mafia card companies are up to!

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