Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The last shuttle launch

I didn't purge anything at home today. Sure, I put some things in the recycle bin and read through the newspaper (one reason we still buy the paper is it's my DH's customer), but today was about relationships. See, sometimes there are more important things to handle in a day than 'doing stuff.' Sure, I could have gone through a drawer & found 5 more things to get rid of, but when I arrived home from work, my DH told me that his Mom is within a day of going to Heaven. Although we knew it was coming, the moment really takes your breath away and makes you realize just how short our time on Earth is. Today was about being with my DH.

It was the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor. We stood outside and watched the plume of smoke as it lifted off into the sky and then that magic moment occurred when you see the bright orange light of the capsule and the rocket boosters separating and then it fades out of sight. I took some pictures & will upload them. Good luck to our space crew on their final mission. God speed, my friends.

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