Wednesday, December 23, 2015

16 Tips to Photograph Christmas Morning

It's here!!!!!  The day after next you will wake up to Christmas morning!  The paper will get torn off the presents and sit in heaps around your living room while your family oohhs and aahhs over their gifts.  You quickly move onto breakfast and next thing you know, lunch and/or dinner were served and the day is over.

Suddenly you realize that you haven't taken not one photo!  Eek!  How are you going to document it when it's all over?

I found some great tips from Click it up a Notch ( that I thought I would share with you:
how to photograph Christmas morning
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  • No. 01 Set your white balance.
    Don’t waste your time fixing it in PP when you can set it on your camera. Use a gray card, ExpoDisc, or Kelvins.
  • No. 02 Keep your shutter speed at least at 1/125.
    Unless you are going for a shot with motion blur in it, you want to make sure your photo isn’t blurry.
  • The odds are your room may not have enough light that early in the morning (depending on what time your kids wake up). Don’t be afraid to raise it!
    • If you are photographing more than one person, check your aperture.
      Remember lower number less in focus and higher number more is in focus.
    • No. 05 Charge your battery the night before!
      Or go ahead and treat yourself to an extra battery or even better a battery grip as an early Christmas present.
    • No. 06 Be sure to stand by the tree when the kiddos come around the corner.
      You want to make sure you capture their faces when they see everything and not be walking behind them.
    • No. 07 Don't forget to re-read Creating a Photo Essay so your pictures can tell a story.
      It’s important to use your images to tell a story. Isn’t that why we take these images? To tell the story of Christmas morning.
    • No. 08 After you have captured all the photos you want, put your camera away and enjoy your family!
      Studies show that you remember more of an event when not viewed through a viewfinder. Take the pictures you need to remember the moment. Then put your camera down, sit back and soak in all the joy around you.

      For 8 more, visit:  8-tips-for-taking-great-pictures-on-christmas-morning-childrens-portrait-photographer-scottsdale/

      Lastly, in case I don't revisit this blog before 12/25, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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