Monday, December 28, 2015

Photo Tips

I will confess that I am not a great photographer, so I try to read about it to learn more, and I thought I would share what I learn.

I found a really cool article in an old edition of Memory Makers Magazine (remember that one?  I still have copies in my house!) Many of you, like me, don't have kids but we have the either the  feathered friend or fin kind.  So, how do you take pictures of your favorite fish or fine feathered friend?

Take advantage of these pointers when photographing pet birds or fish:

  • Take your pet out of his cage or tank.  Photograph him in your (or someone else's) hand to capture a sense of size & texture.  Consider setting the pet loose in the room.  
  • When photographing fish, turn off your flash and rely on the aquarium lights. If you must use your flash, angle your camera 60 degrees to avoid glare. Pan your fish’s motion or wait for the fish to swim by and then snap the shot.
  • Place brightly colored birds against neutral settings so that they won’t blend into the background.
And for photographing your furry, four-legged pal, offers these suggestions:
  • Photographing a dog or cat adds a whole new set of variables to the equation.  Unlike human subjects, most animals are not as easily posed or patient so it might be a little trickier to get the purrfect shot.  Keep your camera near because you never know when the ideal opportunity will present itself.  There are also a few things you as a photographer can do to increase your odds for success.  If at all possible, photograph your pet in familiar surroundings.  This will help put the animal at ease and you will have a much better chance at obtaining a natural pose.
Also, minimize the distractions - Feed your pet ahead of time.  If your dog is really hungry or there are strangers and/or animals around, it might become preoccupied.   As always, lighting & proximity are very important.  If yours is an indoor pet, try to take advantage of adequate window lighting.  Flashbulbs are not recommended!   

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