Friday, March 31, 2017

10 More Reasons to Send a Handmade Greeting Card

I'm continuing on the journey as to why in our modern day of social media, texting and other forms of nonverbal, technologically driven communication, you should still send a handwritten note.  Here are 10 more reasons:

  1. To say, “Look at this gorgeous card I found.”
    • Don’t keep something that pretty to yourself.
  2. To congratulate someone on a new car.
    • Butter them up for when you inevitably ask to borrow it.
  3. To celebrate Thanksgiving.
    • No one sends “Happy Thanksgiving” cards. Be unique.
  4. To celebrate the Fourth of July.
    • If they’re American, it’s sort of a second birthday card.
  5. To congratulate someone on a promotion.
    • If appropriate, maybe include your résumé.
  6. To wish someone good luck on an upcoming surgery.
    • Not that you need luck or anything. You’re in very skilled, capable hands.
  7. To share a recipe.
    • Add one tablespoon of friendship …
  8. To wish someone a happy anniversary.
    • Sticking to milestone years is boring. “Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary” is unique.
  9. To wish someone a happy divorce.
    • Know your audience on this one.
  10. As a joke.
    • Sending your 45-year-old friend three “Happy Quinceañera” cards will get a laugh.

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