Monday, March 20, 2017

10 reasons to send a handwritten greeting card

Nowadays, it's very easy to become or feel unattached to those we love.  Texting has taken the place of phone calls and posting a picture on a social media site is a way of communicating with everyone in one swoop!  Make connections again with a handwritten greeting card.    In this post, we will explore numbers 1 through 10 of why you should send a handwritten card:

  1. To thank someone for something small.
    • Sincerity is a lost art. Practice often.
  2. To say “Happy graduation.”
    • Welcome to the real world.
  3. To say “Sad graduation.”
    • Welcome to the real world.
  4. To congratulate someone on getting their driver’s license.
    • No texting and driving. Always best to send a card.
  5. To celebrate a new year.
    • Let’s make this year better than the last. And then let’s do the same next year.
  6. To congratulate someone on getting a puppy.
    • They make edible cards, right?
  7. To congratulate someone on getting a kitten.
    • They have years of being ignored ahead of them, so why not give them a little attention now.
  8. To welcome a baby into the family.
    • In about 18 years they’ll have time to finally read your card.
  9. To “apologize” for not inviting someone to your wedding.
    • It’s tough. A little thoughtfulness now can save a lot of awkwardness later.
  10. To offer a random compliment.
    • Fact: 100% of people enjoy receiving compliments. Fact #2: Your hair looks great today.
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It's not important where you get your card from, just do it!

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