Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Buttons, Buttons & More Buttons!

I love buttons on my scrapbook pages. It's a quick & easy way to add some dimension and fun to a layout. Here are my top 5 Tips for using buttons on a layout in Letterman style:

5. Attach them with glue dots or sew them right onto your page.

4. Dot your 'i's or fill in a 'O' with small buttons.

3. Create a bullet list for journaling with them

2. Mix the size and color of buttons on your page - they don't all have to match!

And the #1 way I like to use buttons on a scrapbook layout:

1. As memorabilia! Maybe that button(s) was part of a special article of clothing or from your baby's first outfit. Just scrap it!

1 comment:

laurie said...

Buttons really add cute details to your page.

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