Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of Fall

It's hard to believe when it's 80-something degrees outside with about 90% humidity that fall is in the air! But, today marks the first day of fall - time to switch gears for the upcoming holiday stampede.

So have you thought about gifts for the holidays yet? RWC has some new Christmas paper lines coming in, and if you missed the July class on door hangers, then stay tuned as the chipboard shapes & words will pop into the store real soon. It's a quick & fun project to make & relatively inexpensive.

Do me a favor - don't get bogged down in the holiday fervor this year. I'm still having a crop in Nov. & Dec. For those of you who attend, I think you'll agree that the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. And we accomplish our goals!
PS - the picture at the top of the blog is fall in Georgia from our trip last October. Leaves - watch out - here I come!

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Char-The Mad Shopper said...

Hope your temps come down to a more comfortable level. This is a beautiful photo of Georgia's changing colors of the trees.

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