Friday, January 2, 2009

So what's this Goin' Green all about?

For those of you who have been following me faithfully, I was selling supplies and hosting crops. But, I wasn't happy doing it. So why waste my life's energy on doing things that don't make me happy?

The question begs - what does make you happy? Or what makes you happy in the crafting world? Easy - creating! I was watching everyone else make things & never had time for me and my projects.

What else am I passionate about? The earth - saving it. We Americans (yes, it's mostly the Americans) that have caused alot of the problems the earth is experiencing. I will start another blog on everyday living green, but let's get back to scrapbooking. I am all for preserving memories and journaling our life's events. So, how can I (and you) do that without always buying, buying and buying, and throwing away packaging, and Styrofoam bubbles, etc. There has to be a better way, and that is what this blog is all about.

A few times each week, I will post my "greening" techniques and I want to learn from you too! Add an RSS Feed on your favorite homepage so we can interact and share ideas, techniques and thoughts on our green adventure.

On another note, I am developing a very cool product, which will contain a minimum of 25% earth-friendly components. Stay tuned for more details, but don't rush out to buy your Valentine's Day gifts yet, you may just want to see what I have in store for you!

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