Monday, March 9, 2009

Other ways to save the Earth

Despite the economy, we will still give gifts to each other. Birthdays and anniversaries don't stop and babies are still born everyday. So, how can we, as papercrafters, save the Earth a bit more when giving gifts? I'm talking about the wrapping - Americans love to tear up paper and throw it in the landfill. Here are some ideas on how to stop that vicious cycle:

Towels - we can all use them whether it's in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Tie your gift up with the appropriate size towel and save some landfill space. If you are handy with a needle, you can even embroider your recipient's initials on the towel!

Newspaper - hopefully everyone is putting their newspaper in the recycle bin, but you can get creative with it and use it as your gift wrap. Are you giving a gift to a sports fanatic? Use the Sports section? How about a child? Use the comics. I think you see my point.....

Boxes - we all order 'stuff' online and it arrives in a box. Maybe you need to section off a part of your garage or attic to save some of these boxes. We are always looking for them and never seem to have them when needed. The kids can decorate the boxes with markers, paints or crayons, or you can use your scraps and creativity to decorate them yourself.

Tins - we all receive these during the holidays & I'm staring at one right now on my counter. I won't throw it out and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Well, I can put it with my stash of boxes and next time I need to wrap something, guess what might be used. Luckily, it's pretty neutral and isn't very Christmas-like. Hang onto these for a quick wrapping alternative.

What other ideas do you have? Share them with everyone by posting a comment!

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