Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Purging

I found this really great blog after reading a Yahoo story:

It's about a man and his adventures as he decides to move into his van full-time.  As I read the purging part of his story, it reminded me that I've come off track, so I've gotten back on track.  And, as our hot water heater broke this past week (which is located in the back of the downstairs closet), it was another sign to continue purging.

Yard jarts - we found yard jarts in the back of our wet closet.  When the heck did I receive those & what was I thinking.  Technically, we don't even have a yard - we live in a complex of townhouses!  Bye-bye to those!  I know I trashed a bunch of other stuff this week, but nothing specific comes to mind.  I guess that's just an indication of how meaningless these items were to me.

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