Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facebook is a waste of time

I have a FB account - who doesn't?  At first, it was really cool.  I connected with people whom I grew up with.  For the record, I grew up in CT and moved to FL when I was 12.  It was neat to see my old childhood friends as adults - Moms and Dads, their kids, etc.  I kept in touch with my BFF and can see pictures of her daughter, and I can see what my sisters are up to also.

But somewhere along the way, it became this big marketing ploy.  First there were job leads on the sidebar and now it is full of ads.  Selling, marketing, selling, marketing.  Somehow I'm 'friends' with companies that I've never even 'liked' before?!  How does that happen?

I've read many posts where people are going cold turkey from FB.  I'm not totally one of them - I'd still like to communicate with some of my family from out of state, but I have definitely cut back.  I don't post any of my pictures anymore (my DH still does - especially when we catch a big fish!), and I hardly ever post anything, except to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Valentine's Day.  My time is worth more than sitting on a social network, reading about someone else making brownies or cupcakes.  If I'm going to spend my precious time on the computer, it's reading something that will make an impact on my life.  Like I said, I haven't gone cold turkey, but this morning, I reduced the number of 'friends' I have.  My true friends are close to my heart.

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