Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stuff - the clothes closet edition

Getting rid of 'stuff' is a liberating feeling.  I recently went through my closet and re-organized it.  I had it separated into 2 areas:  work clothes and play clothes.  That system used to work for me when I worked for a larger, local corporation; however, since working for a smaller company (just shy of 60 people), the atmosphere is more laid back and I don't have to dress so 'corporate-like' anymore.

I decided to use the method that I see in my favorite consignment store - by color!  I took all of my tops and organized them from white to black.  Wow - I discovered I have 10 black tops!  10.  And I'm not even a big fan of black as a color I wear.  Do I really wear all these?  I then organized all of my bottoms from color as well - pants, jeans, skirts and capri pants.  Then I put all my jackets and dresses into the same scheme.  At the back of the closet are a few items that I need to donate.  I want to make sure they look a bit more tidy than they do right now before dropping them off to my local thrift store.

At the same time, I decided to experiment and see what clothes I am truly wearing. I've read where we only wear about 20% of the same things so I decided to see if that was true or not.  I turned all my hangers in one direction, and when I put things back, I turn the hanger the other way.  I'm trying to force myself to look at other tops & see if they go with what I am wearing and whether I really love it or not.  I have found that I have worn all my tan and black pants to work within the first 6 days.  So they are all keepers, for sure.  I have also worn all my jeans since we have casual Fridays at work and I tend to gravitate toward my jeans when going out at night.  Granted, I don't have many jeans - just 4 pairs plus one pair of denim capris.

This has been a great experiment so far, and when the light is right, I will post pictures of how my side of the closet is organized.  DH on the other hand........not so much.

How have you organized your closet?  How have you found ways to purge your clothing?

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